You are the journey, we are the destination.

Train Better. Learn Faster. Promote Sooner.

A law enforcement career is a journey and at Desert Hot Springs Police Department your career is on the fast track. Nestled in the sweet spot for department size. Big enough to have the tools and training you need to do the job right but small enough for performers to stand out and get noticed, DHSPD is truly a career accelerator. Leadership that is invested, a city that embraces its force, and an opportunity to stay busy while working calls to completion. 

Every ending is another beginning.

A career in LE is accentuated by those moments that define what it means to bring together drive and opportunity. Officer Bailey is just starting his journey, building a foundation, choosing a route. For Sgt Saucier, years of experience have carved and shaped his career, revealing the strength of his character and the opportunity he was given to thrive at a PD that recognizes talent and rewards hard work. Both officers represent what it means to succeed at DHSPD, fresh potential and realized success.

Specialties Earn More

Train Better. Learn Faster. Promote Sooner.

Desert Hot Springs offers specialties a generous pay incentive. Get up to an additional 20% pay working specialty assignments like FTO, MAIT, Detective and more. Click the Apply Now button to get started or contact a recruiter using the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Detective
  • K-9
  • SWAT
  • Narcotics
  • Gang Intervention
  • FTO
  • MAIT
  • Motorcycle Officer

Leading from the front in Desert Hot Springs.

Leadership can take many shapes, and mean different things to different people. But when you meet a true leader, you recognize it immediately. It’s the intangible almost translucent qualities of just knowing they understand what needs to get done and how we will get there. Confident that when we arrive, we will be better for having taken the journey together. Chief Henson embodies what successful management should be, creating an environment to guarantee your officers success.

Support You Can Feel.

A new multi-million dollar police headquarters, a city council that believes in the mission of the department, and a nationally recognized decrease in crime are all symptoms of a City and Police Department that are in sync and on mission. For your career, that means the support you need to succeed and do the job right spills outside the briefing room. It comes from the citizens, city council, and even the District Attorney.

Eat. Sleep. Bowl.

The DHSPD is a family. And like any other family, there is one place above any other where bonds are built, connections are made, and support is unquestioned… The bowling alley. Spray your shoes, grab a ball and join the officers of DHSPD as they “roll” through this rewarding career together.

¿Ustedes hablan Español? Yes, we do.

Speaking to the citizens you serve in the language they speak makes an immediate connection and helps bring the community closer to its police department. Bilingual officers enjoy additional incentive pay. Empecemos.

Join Desert Hot Springs Police Department and start your journey into a law enforcement career that is on the fast track. 

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